Mördare started in spring 2007 with people who have been pretty active in Barcelona diy punk scene for many year, playing in bands like No Conforme, Disnight Bastards, Los Dolares, IAF, Violent Headache, Mugrind and many more.

In 2008 they recorded three songs, two where released in a 7 inch split with Raw from Sweden, the other song joined the Barcelona Kaos compliation.
In spring 2008 they made a tour playing through Europe and in summer played at Packebusch Festival.
In 2009 we played at Balkanica Core Festival II at Slovenia, and for then on they were most of the time inactive.
Starting 2012 they get together again and recorded 9 songs at Thrash Zone studio which will be released in our first LP “Vientos de Mierda” (Winds of shit) and planning to go on tour during the fall again in Europe.


Barcelona / ESP


Magudsson: Vocals
Cheofsson: Bass
Fabadsson: Guitar
Poffensson: Guitar



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